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Posted: November 15, 2010

AMO national president receives Admiral of the Ocean Sea Award

The national president of American Maritime Officers was presented with the Admiral of the Ocean Sea (AOTOS) award by the United Seamen's Service Nov. 12 at an industry dinner in New York City.

The AMO national president shares the 2010 award with William Pennella, vice chairman and executive vice president of Crowley Maritime Corporation. The AOTOS award is presented to individuals who show outstanding commitment and provide incomparable contributions to the maritime community.

This year's recipients "have helped to maintain the American flag merchant marine on the world's oceans and have promoted the dignity of the seafarer and the solidarity of the maritime community," said USS President Edward Morgan.

During his acceptance speech, the AMO national president accepted the AOTOS award "on behalf of the men and women I am privileged to represent in American Maritime Officers." He added that "this evening belongs to American merchant mariners everywhere." Whether carrying commercial cargoes, responding to natural disasters, delivering food aid around the world or operating sealift ships for the military, "theirs is a grand tradition of service and sacrifice, of pride and professionalism," he said.

American Maritime Officers was also recognized, along with the other mariners' unions, for the invaluable contributions of their memberships to relief efforts in Haiti following the devastating earthquake early this year.

Among other dignitaries, the awards dinner was attended by Maritime Administrator David Matsuda, SIU President Michael Sacco, U.S. TRANSCOM Commander Gen. Duncan McNabb, MSC Commander Rear Adm. Mark Buzby and former Congressional representative Helen Bentley.