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Posted: July 9, 2008

Coast Guard proposes removing regulations for tank level or pressure monitoring devices

The Coast Guard has proposed removing its regulations for tank level or pressure monitoring (TLPM) devices because compliant devices remain unavailable.

The requirements for TLPM devices were suspended under a final rule published by the Coast Guard in July 2005, which also sought more information about TLPM or alternative devices for detecting oil leaks from cargo tanks.

According to the Coast Guard: "We received no new information on TLPM devices or alternatives for detecting leaks into the water from single-hull tank vessels carrying oil or oil residue as cargo. Based on the public response to the suspension, the absence of new information regarding TLPM devices or alternatives, and the results of a Congressionally-mandated study, the Coast Guard revisited the feasibility and practicality of retaining regulations for TLPM devices on single-hull tank vessels and concluded that it is appropriate to remove these regulations."

Comments are being accepted on the proposal through Aug. 29. The proposed rulemaking, complete with instructions for submitting comments, is available online at: