Posted: January 19, 2022

STAR Center OICNW (Basic) Meteorology Course

Slots are available in the five-day Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (Basic) Meteorology course STAR Center will be conducting starting February 14, 2022.

This course is one of those required for officers seeking to add or upgrade their credential to include STCW Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) 500 GT or more. This course also provides an excellent refresher to officers in Basic Meteorology who may be taking management level courses in the future.

Any questions regarding this course should be directed to Jeffrey Jones, Head of the Deck Department, at 800-942-3220 Ext. 7721 or via .

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at 800-942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .