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Posted: November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

On behalf of our union's Executive Board and support staff, I extend warm wishes for a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to the men and women of American Maritime Officers we are privileged to represent.

This year has seen the continuation of many of the challenges we faced throughout the height of the pandemic, but it has also witnessed the endurance of our determination to work together and forge ahead as professionals, as individuals, and in support of one another. As the next new year emerges on our horizon, it illuminates the gradual but steady progress we have all made in our transition back standard operations at sea and ashore, and brings with it the promise of a return to a life and routine we may more easily recognize as normal.

Our Thanksgiving thoughts abide with AMO members and families who have suffered and sacrificed in these difficult times, and with those who have lost friends and loved ones under any circumstance. Know that your safety, well being and security are always the top priorities in every decision we make in service to the membership.

We are ever grateful for all of the seagoing men and women within our ranks - your professionalism brings lasting credit to American Maritime Officers and charts a course for the future of the entire membership. Whether you are working through the holiday, away from home and family, or celebrating the day ashore, thank you for all that you do.

Paul Doell
AMO President