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Posted: November 5, 2019

No AMO dues, initiation fee increases in 2020

Membership dues and initiation fees in American Maritime Officers will not increase in 2020.

This will mark the sixth consecutive year without additional administrative cost borne by the AMO membership. This unprecedented milestone is a result of a combination of effective cost containment policies at AMO headquarters and a significant rise in timely dues payments from AMO members in the deep-sea, Great Lakes and inland waters sectors.

AMO has closed out all but two months with operating budget surpluses since mid-2015. These consistent surpluses are often in the six-figure range. For example, the operating budget surplus for September 2019 was $131,769.98.

These accumulating operating budget surpluses have allowed AMO to close out each year with seven-figure savings - money deposited into growing cash reserve and investment accounts.

I ask that all AMO members maintain "good standing" by paying dues "in advance quarterly" as required under Article V (Finances) Section (g) of the AMO National Constitution.

I ask as well that applicants for AMO membership meet their obligations to pay initiation fees - $5,500 for applicants working in deep-sea or Great Lakes fleets, and $3,500 for those employed on inland waters. Initiation fees in all employment sectors are payable in one sum or in equal installments over five years.

Thank you.

Paul Doell
National President