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Posted: December 3, 2018

AMO 2018 election results, reports

AMO National President:

629 Paul Doell
336 Ervin L. Curtis

AMO National Secretary-Treasurer:

370 Charles A. Murdock
296 Dave Weathers
290 Andrew A. Nelson

AMO National Executive Vice-President:

389 Mike F. Finnigan
318 Danny Shea
243 Gary W. Moore

AMO National Vice President, Deep Sea:

699 Joe Gremelsbacker
250 Frank Harvey Bowley, III

AMO National Vice President, Inland Waters:

532 Danny Robichaux
375 Walter E. Hardman

AMO National Vice President, Great Lakes:

416 John E. Clemons
387 Brian D. Krus
89 Jason Furtah

AMO National Vice President, Government Relations:

388 T. Christian Spain
313 Robert K. Lansden
239 Joseph P. Stropole

The following report was provided by John Seibel, president of TrueBallot, Inc.

TrueBallot, Inc. was appointed Independent Mailing and Balloting Service (to) supervise the conduct of the Ballot with respect to the Election of certain National Officers. The ballot was tabulated December 3, 2018.

The ballot and materials were approved as to form. A total of 3425 ballots were sent to the general membership.

A total of 179 duplicate ballots were sent to voters. 144 voters were added to the list. 62 ballots were returned as undeliverable by the USPS. The balloting period was from July 30, 2018 to 10:00 a.m. on December 3, 2018. The United States Post Office in Dania Beach, FL acted as Depositor for receipt of all ballots. TrueBallot, Inc. was authorized to act as Coordinator during the balloting period to mail duplicate ballots to any member on authorized request for a duplicate ballot and to keep a record of all duplicate ballots mailed.

The undersigned and observers retrieved 1,213 returned mail ballots from the post office and returned them to the count site on December 3, 2018.

Ballots were returned, registered against the list of eligible voters, and any duplicates or ineligible ballots were removed. The mail ballots were removed from their secret ballot envelopes and 973 ballots were counted.

After the ballots were registered, the ballot committee opened the envelopes, optically imaged the ballots and processed them to obtain the data therefrom. Rules were applied to the data so as to remove void data from the tally. Questionable ballots were audited and corrected as needed.

The results of the Balloting are herewith certified and are attached hereto.

It is our opinion as Mailing and Balloting Service that the results of the Balloting are true and accurate, the Ballots were properly counted, and rigid safeguards were maintained to protect the secrecy of the Ballot. At the conclusion of the counting, all Ballots and material were placed in appropriate containers, sealed and delivered to the organization. A CD-ROM with all of the ballot data and ballot images was delivered along with the ballot materials.


WHEREAS, in accordance with Article XI, Section 4 of the AMO National Constitution, a Tallying Committee of AMO members in good standing was elected at a special meeting held at Headquarters in Dania Beach, FL on the Monday morning during the week prior to the regular December 2018 membership meeting scheduled for December 3, 2018, and

WHEREAS, in accordance with Article XI, Section 4 of the AMO National Constitution, the Tallying Committee gathered at Headquarters on December 3, 2018 for the purpose of assisting the Independent Mailing and Balloting Service selected to conduct the 2018 AMO Election of National Officers, and

WHEREAS, in accordance with Article XI, Section 4 of the AMO National Constitution, the elected Tallying Committee in conjunction with the Independent Mailing and Balloting Service undertook on December 3, 2018 to (1) proceed to the Depository in Dania Beach, FL to count and remove the sealed returned ballots from the Depository and placed them in a sealed box for return to National Headquarters; (2) return to National Headquarters and conducted a verification of the eligibility of those members in good standing whose sealed ballots were returned and check and count the returned ballots; and (3) prepare a report setting forth a complete accounting of all ballots and ballot envelopes and reconciliation of the ballots and ballot envelopes with the rosters and verification lists of membership. A copy of said report prepared by the Independent Mailing and Balloting Service is attached hereto.

THEREFORE, having read the attached report, the Tallying Committee by their signatures below certify that they concur with its contents and that they have fulfilled their obligations in overseeing the count of the ballots for the 2018 AMO Election of National Officers as set forth in Article XI, Section 4, of the AMO National Constitution.

Dated: December 3, 2018

The report was signed by the members of the Tallying Committee: Jeffrey Levie, Robert Silva, John Zabielski, Kristin Mangold (secretary), John Hewitt, Joseph Newhouse (chairman), and Michael Thomas.