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Posted: November 19, 2018

AMO membership dues, initiation fees will not increase in 2019

Membership dues and initiation fees will not increase in 2019, the AMO National President reported today.

The decision to hold the line on these revenue streams was made by the National President after "careful consideration and consultation with the AMO controller," the president said.

The AMO National Executive Board ratified the decision unanimously by email vote. Article V Section 1(f) of the AMO National Constitution requires the board to determine by November 1 each year whether dues and/or initiation fees should be raised in the next subsequent year. The official consensus was that increases in 2019 are not necessary.

"Next year will be our union's fifth consecutive year without a hike in membership dues or in the fees charged to applicants for AMO membership," the National President said. "AMO continues to live within its means, operating revenue from dues and initiation fees continues to outpace expenses by significant margins each month, and timely dues and initiation fee payments continue at a record rate."