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Posted: November 16, 2018

Ballots for 2018 AMO election must be received by the Post Office by December 1; instructions for requesting a duplicate ballot

Ballots for the 2018 American Maritime Officers election were mailed to all AMO members and applicants prior to the August 1 deadline set by the AMO National Constitution by True Ballot Inc., the independent administrator for this secret ballot election.

Ballots must be received by the Post Office no later than Saturday, December 1, 2018 in order to be considered qualified under the AMO National Constitution. As stated on the back of each ballot: "Ballots shall be mailed on or before August 1, 2018 and voting shall thereupon commence and continue through December 1, 2018 inclusive."

Ballots will be tallied on Monday, December 3, 2018.

As with all AMO national elections and referendums administered by True Ballot, the union itself will not be mailing, handling or processing any ballots in this election.

True Ballot mailed a ballot to each AMO member and applicant at the address he or she has on file with the union. AMO provided True Ballot with a current mailing list of members to be used for this purpose during this election, as is done for each AMO national election and referendum.

AMO headquarters personnel revised this list as necessary to accommodate AMO members and applicants who had asked that their ballots be sent to their vessels or to preferred alternate addresses ashore. Once the mailing list went to True Ballot to meet the mailing deadline, such revisions could no longer be made.

AMO members and applicants requesting that their ballots go to addresses other than those on file with the union from this point through the 120-day voting period must instead request duplicate ballots.

To request a duplicate ballot, AMO members will need to contact Marie Doruth, executive assistant to the AMO national president, and provide a complete alternate mailing address. Any request for a duplicate ballot must be made in writing; submitted by mail, e-mail or FAX; must be for a specific member or applicant; and must specify the address to which the duplicate ballot will need to be sent.

All requests should go to:

Marie Doruth
American Maritime Officers
601 South Federal Highway
Dania Beach, FL 33004
FAX: (954) 926-5112

The union will provide alternate addresses to True Ballot for the mailing of duplicate ballots for AMO members or applicants who submit written requests.

As provided in the AMO National Constitution: "A member shall be entitled to write to the independent mailing and balloting service, c/o National Headquarters, for a duplicate Ballot and receive same by mail provided he states in his letter that he has not received his ballot or that his ballot has been lost or mutilated so that it can not be used. All duplicate ballots shall be marked either by color or serial number to identify them as such. Duplicate ballots shall be counted unless the original and duplicate ballots mailed to the member are both cast, in which event neither shall be counted. Each duplicate sent by the independent mailing and balloting service shall be recorded on a list maintained by the independent mailing and balloting service."

Ballots were mailed to all AMO members and applicants, regardless of dues status. However, for each member's ballot to be counted in the tally - which is scheduled for December 3, 2018 - he or she must be an AMO member in good standing and his or her dues must be paid in full through the end of the fourth quarter of the calendar year no later than November 30, 2018.

As provided in the AMO National Constitution: "In order for the member's ballot to be counted, the member must be in good standing for the quarter in which the ballot cast is to be counted, with such standing established not later than November 30th of the election year."

As provided in the AMO National Constitution, a member in good standing is "a member whose dues are paid through the current quarter and who is not under suspension or sentence of expulsion as provided by this Constitution."