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Posted: October 19, 2018

STAR Center adds one-week OICNW Basic Meteorology and two-week Celestial Navigation (Operational Level) courses to schedule

STAR Center has added a one-week Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch Basic Meteorology class running January 14 to 18, 2019, and a two-week Celestial Navigation (Operational Level) class running February 25 to March 8, 2019. All eligible AMO members and applicants in need of this training are welcome to submit an application to attend.

The purpose of these classes is to meet STCW OICNW basic meteorology and celestial navigation training and assessment requirements. In addition, this celestial course is approved to increase the scope to oceans and remove the near coastal limitation for license/MMC endorsements less than 1,600 GT.

Any questions regarding this course should be directed to STAR Center Director of Member Training Jerry Pannell at (800) 942-3220 Ext. 7507 or via .

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at (800) 942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .