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Posted: September 12, 2018

Forecast for Hurricane Florence predicts devastating impact on Carolina Coast

Described as "one of the strongest storms on the Eastern Seaboard in decades," the forecast path for Hurricane Florence was updated on Wednesday morning, predicting a devastating impact to the Carolina Coast from the now category 4 hurricane.

The thoughts of all of us in American Maritime Officers are with the AMO families and all others in the path of the storm as Hurricane Florence approaches the coastline and residents evacuate. Please take all possible precautions to stay safe throughout the storm and in its aftermath.

The American Maritime Officers Membership Assistance Program remains available to aid AMO families who suffer damage to their property as the result of severe storms and natural disasters.

Benefits from the AMO Membership Assistance Program are paid in varying amounts determined exclusively by need. The application for relief benefits under the Membership Assistance Program is available online.

AMO members can make tax-deductible voluntary contributions to the AMO Membership Assistance Program via authorized vacation deductions, or by sending checks or money orders to:
AMO Membership Assistance Program
601 S. Federal Highway
Dania Beach, FL 33004-4109
The MAP is a permanent, independent, tax-exempt and voluntary disaster relief fund established by the AMO National Executive Board to aid AMO members, applicants for membership in AMO, and AMO retirees. AMO made an initial contribution to the fund at its inception, and the fund is now sustained by individual voluntary tax-deductible contributions.