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Posted: July 26, 2018

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico continues substantial investment in equipment

The company has secured additional 53-foot containers, chassis and refrigerated equipment

The following article was released July 25 by TOTE.

Jacksonville, FL - TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico continues to make substantial investments in equipment to meet the needs of its customers as well as Puerto Rico as the island continues with recovery efforts following last year's hurricane season.

In the last few months, TOTE Maritime has secured more than 200 additional 53-foot containers, leased an additional 500 chassis and distributed 75 new gen sets for customers in Puerto Rico.

These investments are critical given the focus on recovery and rebuilding the island following Hurricane Maria. This equipment will also ensure that customers and communities have access to adequate supplies as Puerto Rico prepares for this year's hurricane season.

TOTE Maritime's 53-foot containers are custom made for both TOTE and Puerto Rico. These custom containers maximize space, increasing capacity by 42 percent over a standard 40-foot container. With this increased capacity, they also improve efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce transportation costs for goods traveling to Puerto Rico.

New gen sets and chassis for Puerto Rico mean expanded capacity to support increased cargo and diverse customer needs over the coming months. TOTE's new gen sets will ensure both TOTE and its customers are prepared to support the island throughout hurricane season.

These new equipment purchases are part of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico's five-year equipment plan that will further improve the customer experience.