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Posted: July 26, 2018

AMO Plans Disability Benefit

Did you know?

Eligible days of disability from the AMO Medical Plan are considered "Covered Employment" and, therefore, extend medical eligibility during a time when your medical benefits may mean the most.

Additionally, eligible days of disability provide credit towards your retirement eligibility.

When a disability, physical or mental, makes a sailing participant unfit to perform normal duties and requires regular care and attendance of a legally qualified physician, the Plan provides a weekly benefit up to the maximum benefit of 273 days (or 39 weeks) per disability.

How to file:
  • The participant must submit to reasonable examinations as required by the Plan Trustees to determine the disability.
  • An Application for Sickness and Accident Disability Benefit form must be completed by both the participant and the attending physician for each claim during the disability period, and sent to the Plan office.
  • Payments will be made no more frequently than at seven (7) day intervals.
  • Contact the Plan office for more information regarding this benefit at (800) 348-6515 Ext. 12 or via .