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Posted: February 28, 2018

STAR Center will offer Engineering Continued Professional Development courses

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance course offerings available to American Maritime Officers members and applicants, and to provide opportunities for continued professional development, STAR Center will now offer the following courses:

Controls and Instrumentation (professional development) course - the theory of operation is the focus in this two-week professional development introduction to control systems. Upon completion, the learning outcome is a demonstration and understanding of the theoretical fundamentals of instrumentation and automatic control systems aboard ships. Topics include:
  • Control Systems
  • Controller Action
  • Pressure Measurement and Control
  • Temperature Measurement and Control
  • Level Measurement and Control
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Symbols and Diagrams
  • Process Control Methods
  • Instrument Calibration and Controller Tuning
Machine Shop course - the objective of this two-week U.S. Coast Guard approved OICEW (officer in charge of an engineering watch) professional development course is to introduce the student to basic Machine Tool operations with an emphasis on the use of the lathe, including subjects on Machine Tool operations stated in 46 CFR 11.950. Upon completion, the learning outcome is knowledge, understanding and a demonstrated proficiency in the following area concerning Machine Tools:
  • Shop Safety
  • Mechanical Hardware
  • Reading Drawings
  • Manual Operating Tools
  • Dimensional Measurement
  • Materials
  • Layout
  • Preparation for Machining Operations
  • Sawing Machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Turning Machines
  • Blueprint Reading and Sketching
STAR has scheduled the first offering of these courses for AMO members and applicants as follows:
  • Controls and Instrumentation (professional development): August 6
  • Machine Shop: July 23
Any questions regarding these courses should be directed to STAR Center Director of Member Training Jerry Pannell at (800) 942-3220 Ext. 7507 or via .

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at (800) 942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .