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Posted: February 1, 2018

Merchant Mariner Credential STCW renewal requirements

Members and applicants of American Maritime Officers are reminded there are additional Merchant Mariner Credential renewal requirements for STCW endorsements in Basic Training and Advanced Fire Fighting.

In order to renew your STCW endorsements for Basic Training (Reg. VI/1) and Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3) you must have:
  • 360 days sea service onboard any vessel that is required to hold regular fire and emergency drills, and abandon ship drills
  • Basic Training Revalidation (BT) - one-day course, dated within five years of renewal
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (AFF) - one-day course, dated within five years of renewal
If you meet the above requirements, the USCG will renew STCW endorsements VI/1 - BT; VI/3 - AFF and VI/2 - PSC.

NOTE: Those on ROS vessels receive sea service credit towards STCW as they regularly hold fire and boat drills (letter from operating company may be required).

Additional information on renewal requirements can be found on the STAR Center website.

BT/AFF Revalidation is regularly scheduled at STAR Center. Due to heavy demand, AMO Members are encouraged to register for BT/AFF at least two to three months ahead of their desired course dates.