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Congressman Steve Scalise named Champion of Maritime for steadfast commitment to domestic maritime industry

The following article was released by the American Maritime Partnership, a coalition of which American Maritime Officers Service is a member and which American Maritime Officers supports.

WASHINGTON (December 13, 2017) - The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), the voice of the domestic maritime industry, recognized U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) Tuesday with the 2017 'Champion of Maritime' Award, which honored Rep. Scalise for his extraordinary support and dedication to the American maritime industry.

Each year, AMP presents the 'Champion of Maritime' Award to a Member of Congress who has demonstrated exceptional support for the hardworking men and women of the American maritime industry.

Rep. Scalise is a long-standing champion of the Jones Act and recognizes not only the critical contribution that the American maritime industry makes to Louisiana by providing thousands of family-waged jobs in the state, but also the critical importance of this industry to the nation's economic, national, and homeland security interests.

"I'm honored to receive the Champion of Maritime Award. The maritime industry is vital to Louisiana's economy, creating more than 50,000 jobs for hard-working Louisiana families, and contributing more than $11 billion annually into our state's economy. Additionally, America's maritime industry is not only responsible for creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs across our country, it is also a critical component of America's homeland security strategy," said Congressman Scalise. "I have long been a strong advocate for the hardworking men and women in America's maritime industry who work tirelessly to protect our waterways, and I'll continue to fight every day to defend and uphold the Jones Act, which is vital to the national and economic security of our country."

"Congressman Scalise continues to be a tremendous champion for the domestic American maritime industry and truly understands our industry's critical role to the vitality and security of our nation," said Thomas Allegretti, Chairman of the American Maritime Partnership. "Through his steadfast support for our domestic maritime industry that sustains nearly 500,000 jobs from coast to coast, it is our honor to award Congressman Scalise with our highest recognition - the Champion of Maritime Award - for his diligent dedication to our American maritime companies and American mariners."

As a steadfast advocate for the domestic maritime industry, Rep. Scalise demonstrated his unwavering commitment earlier this year when he defended the importance of the lawful interpretation of the Jones Act while U.S. Customs and Border Protection reviewed a flawed letter ruling.

"With intimate knowledge of the American maritime industry, Congressman Scalise sees firsthand the benefits the Jones Act provides to national and homeland security in his district and ably protects the Jones Act in Washington. His recent support of CBP's attempts to correctly enforce the Jones Act is just one example of his commitment," said Aaron Smith, President of the Offshore Marine Services Association. "As a Louisiana-based trade association, OMSA is proud to acknowledge that Congressman Scalise is not only our stalwart champion, he is our friend and our neighbor. As he works for his constituents, American mariners, and shipyard workers, we are as likely to see him in a work shirt and boats on our docks as we are in his Capitol office."

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