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Puerto Rico relief and recovery update

The following update was issued October 25 by the American Maritime Partnership, a coalition of which American Maritime Officers Service is a member and which American Maritime Officers supports.

Situational Overview:
  • As of October 23, Jones Act carriers will have delivered more than 19,000 loads of commercial and government relief cargo to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria devastated the island.
  • Throughput on the terminals is improving, with one carrier reporting on Tuesday that their throughput productivity was at 79% (794 moves for the day compared to an average of 1,000 moves before the storm).
  • All ports are now open on the island, but functionality is limited. Although terminals are operating longer than normal hours, inland distribution - particularly final-mile delivery - is still creating backlogs on the terminals. Last week, FEMA reported that less than 8% of roads were open. As of October 24, two carriers reported that approximately 3,500 combined loads remain on the terminal awaiting distribution.
  • Over the weekend, one domestic carrier delivered 1,060 containers of goods to the island. These containers included FEMA cargo, commercial containers, batteries for critical services, and donations of fuel and stoves. Another carrier is delivering 200 specialized pieces of equipment a week.
  • FEMA cargoes continue to be dispatched promptly from the terminal. One domestic carrier alone has completed delivery of over 4,100 FEMA loads and has approximately 9,200 FEMA loads either out for delivery or scheduled for delivery.
  • Jones Act carriers are continuing to enhance their ability to service the island's needs. One Jones Act carrier, for example, has leased 150,000 square feet of warehouse space and purchased additional 53-foot containers. This extra capacity is necessary as commercial customers are slowly beginning to increase their shipments to the island, alongside the steady shipments of FEMA goods.
  • In addition to getting the goods to and out of the port, one domestic carrier has been using its forklifts and operators at one of the airports on the island to help expedite the unloading of air cargo shipments. The carrier is also continuing to help deliver food, water, tarps, and hygiene kits from the port to the island's residents.

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