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Puerto Rico relief and recovery update following Hurricane Maria

The following bulletin was issued October 4 by the American Maritime Partnership, a coalition of which American Maritime Officers Service is a member and which American Maritime Officers supports.

Situational Overview
  • Jones Act carrier cargo terminals on the island are increasingly productive, with some operating seven days a week to help move goods. FEMA cargoes continue to receive priority distribution.
  • Nearly 5,000 containers await distribution in terminals in Puerto Rico with thousands more on the way. U.S.-flag carriers operating in Puerto Rico report that throughput at the ports is improving but still remains slower than usual.
  • Domestic carriers are taking steps to help facilitate timely and efficient distribution of goods, including coordinating logistics to move government cargoes for relief efforts and transporting relief supplies for businesses, FEMA, and NGOs.
  • Port congestion and storage limitations on the island have delayed port entry in Puerto Rico of at least one American tanker carrying diesel fuel.
  • In addition to Jones Act vessels with regularly scheduled service to Puerto Rico, other American vessels are providing services to Puerto Rico and are working with U.S. Coast Guard and other U.S. government agencies to ensure the vessels can be fully utilized to support the relief efforts.
  • American vessels continue to deliver vital supplies including FEMA relief cargoes; electric poles, utility trucks, and other supplies for communications companies; heavy equipment including dump trunks; and tanker trucks and other supplies for energy companies. Jones Act vessels in Jacksonville, for example, are being loaded with pallets of water destined for the island.
  • Three American vessels are being used as floating hotels to provide temporary housing and meals for 729 responders.

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