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Training ship Kennedy arrives in Puerto Rico to support relief effort

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy training ship Kennedy docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico yesterday (September 27) to support the ongoing relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The ship, which is being operated by AMO-contracted General Dynamics American Overseas Marine, departed Buzzards Bay on September 6 for Houston, Texas to serve in the response to Hurricane Harvey. The Kennedy was diverted to Norfolk to avoid Hurricane Irma, and was then diverted to Ingleside, Texas.

After arriving in Texas, it was determined the need for the ship was more urgent in the Caribbean. On September 19, the Kennedy departed Texas for the Caribbean, stopping in Miami for fuel and to load water and meals-ready-to-eat.

The ship's mission is to house and feed relief workers in Puerto Rico so as to keep local resources on the ground open and available to assist residents on the island, which was devastated by the hurricane and remains without electricity, and in many places, clean running water.

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