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Posted: April 17, 2015

AMO secures increases in new agreement with OSG

American Maritime Officers has secured a new three-year agreement with Overseas Shipholding Group covering the assistant engineers working in OSG's fleets of articulated tug/barges.

The new agreement includes pay increases in each year and provides all actuarially required increases in contributions to the AMO Plans.

"We're pleased with the gains we've secured for the engineers covered by this agreement, and I'd like to thank the members who served on the committee for their work and our success with these negotiations," said AMO National Vice President, Inland Waters, David Weathers.

Serving on the negotiating committee with Weathers, AMO National Assistant Vice President Dan Robichaux and AMO Contract Analyst Chris Holmes were Assistant Engineer Boris Petrov, lightering fleet; Assistant Engineer Matthew McHattie, gulf fleet; Captain Robert Hopkins, gulf fleet; and Chief Engineer Jeffery Thurman, lightering fleet.

Also included in the new agreement are improvements in the longevity bonus and the overtime rate, as well as other provisions regarding compensation.