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Posted: December 16, 2014

AMO dues to increase in 2015

Please be advised that membership dues in American Maritime Officers will increase in 2015. This increase will range from $48.00 per year for Group 1 3rd Assistant Engineers, 3rd Officers and Stewards to $56.00 per year for Group 1 Chief Engineers and Captains.

The decision to increase membership dues next year was made by a majority of the AMO National Executive Board after a joint review of our union's finances by the board. The decision reflected the recommendation of the AMO National Secretary-Treasurer.

Article V - Finances, paragraph (f) of the AMO Constitution states, "In addition to the above, the annual dues rates may be increased effective January 1st for the subsequent year by the amount not to exceed the equivalent of the same percentage of the increase in wages and all other benefits negotiated by the Union which became effective in the prior calendar year for a particular group."

The new dues rates effective January 1, 2015:

Group 1 - Deep Sea and Great Lakes Areas:

- Chief Engineers and Captains $1,828.00 Annually, $457.00 Quarterly

- 1st Assistant Engineers, Chief Officers and Electronic Technicians* $1,724.00 Annually, $431.00 Quarterly

- 2nd Assistant Engineers, 2nd Officers and Radio Officers* $1,632.00 Annually, $408.00 Quarterly

- 3rd Assistant Engineers, 3rd Officers and Stewards $1,536.00 Annually, $384.00 Quarterly

*Electronic Technicians and Radio Officers who do not achieve 200 days of covered employment in a calendar year shall pay the non-sailing dues rate of $460.00 Annually, $115.00 Quarterly.

Group 2 - Inland Waters Areas and Others:

- Dues Range $460.00 Annually, $115.00 Quarterly - $1,276.00 Annually, $319.00 Quarterly

- * Please direct any questions concerning dues rates to AMO National Secretary Treasurer José Leonard at 1-800-362-0513 Ext # 1004.

I ask that each of you continue to make every effort to remain current in your dues and to participate in the AMO Voluntary Political Action Fund in 2015. The AMO Voluntary Political Action Fund is used exclusively to support the election campaigns of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate known to support the U.S. merchant fleet and American merchant mariners in all domestic and international trades - every single seafaring job under the U.S. flag is a direct result of legislative work.

On behalf of the National Executive Board of AMO and all AMO representatives and employees, I extend best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.


Thomas J. Bethel
National President