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Posted: October 14, 2008

New network of U.S. marine highways to be established

The federal government will establish a new network of U.S. marine highways on key inland and coastal routes, enabling waterborne transportation of cargo to alleviate congestion on the nation's busiest roadways, the Department of Transportation announced.

The announcement marks a significant step forward for the Maritime Administration's Marine Highway Initiative. Notably, the marine highway routes will be eligible for up to $25 million in federal capital construction funds and ensure communities will continue to qualify for up to $1.7 billion in federal highway congestion mitigation and air quality funds, said Deputy Secretary of Transportation Thomas Barrett.

“This initiative does more than simply add new lines to a map,” Barrett said. “It makes our roads safer, expands our capacity for moving goods and reflects the kind of 21st century innovation we are going to need to be competitive in today’s global marketplace.”