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Posted: June 21, 2013

MARAD and WHO issue advisories on MERS Coronavirus

Both the Maritime Administration and the World Health Organization have issued advisories regarding the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) Coronavirus. The WHO global alert and response dated June 17 stated there have been 64 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-COV, including 38 deaths.

The MARAD advisory to all U.S. controlled vessels stated most cases have originated from the Arabian Peninsula (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates), and several cases have also been reported in Italy, France, the UK and Tunisia. According to MARAD, the illness was acquired either from travel to the Arabian Peninsula or from close contact with a sick person who had traveled to the area, indicating person-to-person transmission.

The MARAD advisory, which includes details on symptoms of MERS-COV, stated infected people have suffered a very severe, Pneumonia-like illness.

View the MARAD advisory

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