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Posted: May 19, 2011

AMO jobs secured as M/V Great Republic fits out under new contract with Key Lakes

American Maritime Officers will represent all licensed officers and stewards working aboard the M/V Great Republic under a new five-year agreement. The 634-foot laker is now managed and operated by Key Lakes IV Inc.

Formerly operated by American Steamship Company as the American Republic, the ship spent much of last season in lay-up. Key Lakes is currently fitting out the Great Republic, which is expected to get underway in early June.

First launched in 1981, the ship is the most recently built self-propelled U.S cargo ship on the Great Lakes. The Great Republic will operate between various ports on the Lakes in the coal in stone trades, providing continued employment for AMO members under the new agreement secured by the union.

"It's the most maneuverable vessel on the Great Lakes," said Dave Schultze, manager of fleet human resources for Key Lakes. "It was originally designed to go up and down the Cuyahoga River forward or backward at the same speed. It has twin screws and twin engines, eight rudders, and bow and stern thrusters. It can spin around virtually without moving forward."